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Thousand Wires


Thousand Wires is currently available for $7.99 $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year for a limited time. It gives you back the hours of time you would have spent maintaining an equipment list and drawing diagrams by hand.

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$7.99 per month

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$3.99 per month


$39.99 per year

* Thousand wires is not a time machine

** You'll keep this rate as long as you're a member.

All plans renew automatically. Though we would hate to see you go, cancellation is easy.

5 Reasons You’ll Love Thousand Wires

1. Thousand Wires lets you quickly connect and reconnect equipment as your project changes. Did you switch a Large Diaphragm Condenser microphone for a pair of SM57s on the guitar? No problem! With a few clicks of the mouse, or taps on the iPad, your new project is up to date.

2. It shows you what your studio is worth. We know your studio is irreplaceable, but that's hard to explain to an insurance company, for example. Thousand Wires keeps track of your investment, even if you can't remember what you paid for that second-hand guitar Thousand Wires will.

3. Thousand Wires helps you communicate. How many times have you walked into a studio, a venue, or your church and had to re-explain how the equipment is connected? With Thousand Wires you'll have an equipment diagram to get everyone on the same page faster. You can even print your projects and take them with you in physical form.

4. It lets you dream big. We know that sometimes your studio is a work-in-progress. With Thousand Wires, you can create a new project that helps you visualize what equipment you'll need in the future without losing sight of what you have in front of you. With an unlimited number of projects, you can create as many different setups as you need.

5. Our app gives you access to your information, wherever or wherever you need it. With traditional software you're tied to a single computer. Because Thousand Wires is a web application, you can access it from anywhere, using a computer or tablet. So whether you need the setup diagram backstage at the club, or an equipment list to show your tour manager, you'll have everything, everywhere.

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We think that Thousand Wires will change the way you work with and understand your equipment. Sign up today and try it free for 15 days.

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